FlexClean System – an innovative way of cleaning

The FlexClean system offers an innovative way to clean and disinfect (in particular) hollow instruments both inside and outside in any washing machine.

Advantages of the FlexClean system:

  • no need for customised washing machines
  • no need for special mobile washing racks to clean hollow instruments
  • no need for manual cleaning
  • no loss of instruments, as all instruments belonging to the same set stay together and are cleaned in the same load
  • significant reduction in ultrasonic cleaning, thus it makes the washing process time-efficient
  • as all instruments belonging to the same set are cleaned at the same time in the same load in the washing machine, you obtain yet more time-efficiency

The FlexClean system provides two different possibilities: either a tray with a fixed washing tube or a stand-alone washing tube. The tray or washing tube is connected to the mobile washing rack by means of an ingenious connector. Each hollow instrument is placed in an opening of the washing tube through which the water and disinfectant run.
This has almost no impact on the water pressure in the washing machine.


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